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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 20, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, get ready for great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." talk about making a beer run. after an overturned truck leaves -- >> a bunch of heineken strewn about on the streets. >> see why peeking through the glass is no problem when you get a free drink. a man collapses at a train stop and eventually -- >> he falls onto the train tracks. >> now, meet the guy who had tons of steel over the top of him and survived it. >> i remember looking at it
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going what's that? humane society workers want to prove how cold doghouses get so -- >> they slept in there all night. >> the selfless experiment that could save a pet's life. and plus, the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. and why a round of cowboy poker is code for -- >> gameling with your life. >> see who got dealt a really bad hand. >> whoa. >> oh, boy. if you are a beer lover, i'm not quite sure if this is a dream come true or just an awful nightmare. this i video from a -- the aftermath of a trck on the transport pass in south africa. a bunch of heineken cases strewn about on the street. the driver of the truck lost his brakes going down a steep hill. now, it is, i'm happy to report, he's fine. he did have to go to the
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hospital with some minor injuries but notice all these people they are just onlookers, bystanders, civilians, people who were on the road, they're helping clean up. yes! >> they are running away -- >> with cases. >> that's, like, 50 beers. >> running is a strong word. they are strolling with boxes like they are in the grocery store. >> free beer don't cost nothing. >> you don't want that beer to go wasted. >> i would consider it a public service. >> some brought friends or alerted others, hey, the heineken truck crashed and get something back that we can carry beer in. >> it is orderly, there's not fighting going on. >> are the police concerned about this? they were technically stealing. >> police said they were basically helpless, there was too many people and they said there's sort of nothing they could do so they sort of let it go. >> heineken will get covered by insurance, it was a win/win for everybody. >> i can't imagine that heineken
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can salvage it and sell it. party! >> the road was closed for two hours they said the cleanup was just kind of a lot of sweeping of the broken glass off to the side of the road. >> hey! i want to remind you guys to breathe while i show you this video because you're going to feel like holding your breath. this is surveillance footage from a train station in sydney, australia, pay close attention to the man on the top of your screen. that is 19-year-old tim whitaker and in this moment you see him fall down right toward the edge of the train tracks, he was having an epileptic seizure, as he's having it there's no one to help him, keep watching the video his body inches closer and closer to the train tracks. >> of all the places for that to happen. >> he falls onto the train tracks between the platform and that first rail. moments later, a train enters
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the station. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, they didn't see him at all. >> maybe if they did, i don't think they had time to stop. >> the conductor did notice at the last second that this man was on the tracks, he was unable to pull the brakes so in all three cars did end up going over whitaker. but he was in that safe zone. after the train does come to a stop, people spring into action quickly. rescuers get there, they get whitaker out from under the train. >> i feel like the luckiest man alive. >> a current affair in australia actually spoke to whitaker. >> i feel like i should be dead but i am not. >> he was injured from the fall itself and had a cut over his eye and needs stitches and had bumps and bruises. >> thank goodness the conductor noticed him, because if he didn't he could have been stuck down there for who knows how long. all right, we've got a lot of fresh virgin snow out there.
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and it's the dead of winter. this is in chamonix, france, the video was just now posted. we know when we see these videos we get a little nervous because it looks like a high likelihood of an avalanche. the first guy on the snowboard goes and then the guy on his ski goes and then rudy goes. he kind of picks a line in between the first two guys and then the earth moves under his feet. down he goes. he immediately pulls his air bags. and that's brilliant because you notice during this entire wild ride it looks like his head never goes beneath the snow. >> that's good. i just wonder, too, how do your skis stay on? >> good question. here's a view from one of his buddies. you see rudy starting his run and then everything breaks free. and there's rudy and he's going quick, too. the guys keep their eyes on him for pretty much the entire slide. they lose him around that little bend there, but rudy was
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uninjured and he was not buried thankfully again because of the air bag. >> you should have one of these air bags. it should be a requirement to go out there in the backcountry slopes and you just have to have one of them. >> there's rudy with his air bag. he almost looks like a hot dog bun. >> i would look like a hot dog anyway if you are alive. we're about to give away an ipad mini. >> that's coming up. we'll be giving you the thursday buzzword and telling you how to enter to win. >> you need to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident to win. couples always joke that somebody's going into the doghouse. the michigan humane society took it seriously. >> we are out here to sleep in the doghouse. >> they put some straw in and they only had the clothes on their back and pillows. >> to raise awareness to know how cold it gets in doghouses overnight. >> it would be awesome that people would bring their dogs inside but the reality is a lot
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of people do keep their animals outside. it isn't against the law but you do need to provide shelter for your animal. >> they have in memory of brandy, in memory of browny. these are some dogs they found, one of them they found frozen to death on the back porch the owner said i was too tired to let the dog in. i just worked a long shift. >> so many dogs suffer from it and we found them frozen and hypothermic and barely alive. >> they give us a look-see what happens overnight when they are sleeping in the doghouses. not comfortable. >> i haven't moved much at all, because when i move, i lose heat. >> they talk about the importance of straw. >> straw does work. it's warm to the touch and moving it around in stuff it gets it dusty in there. it makes it hard to breathe. >> without the straw i wouldn't have made it. >> they are bundled up, the dogs have a coat but it's not like that. >> we found dogs frozen with a doghouse and straw.
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>> they seem affected by spending the night. >> i definitely think dogs probably suffer when it's cold out and they have to stay outside. >> this is a great way to get that message across, though, i think people forget because it's not safe. >> knowing what dogs go through at night in the cold, somewhat, i want all dogs in houses. not doghouses, like, in warm houses with heat. a woman at an atm gets a bad surprise when -- >> some guy with a meat cleaver starts attacking her. >> the scary and that got him the dough. and crocodiles take the bait in slow-mo. >> watch this crocodile jump out of the water to feed and look how high it gets. >> oh, look at that! >> see the smooth way they get the grubl. 7
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hey, don't forget there's an app for "rtm," get it on your iphone, ipad or your android device and then watch videos anytime, anywhere you are. very speedy robberies caught on video, first one in china. this one at the atm, some guy with a meat cleaver starts attacking her. you see in this shot he takes some of the cash but he continues to be aggressive toward her and demand money with the cleaver on her neck. >> what a creep, man. >> she at one point ends on her knees. some reports say that she was pleading for her life. >> is that her wallet that he's got now?
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>> it looks like that's her wallet and he's pulling out all the cash out of it and eventually he ends up running with $600. he did have his face covered and police are still looking for him. the second video in the uk there are several bikes tied to a bike rack and then you see a man who is walking around, he decides he wants one of knows bikes and it's a very fine bicycle worth several hundred dollars. he pulls on it three times. on the third time he is able to break the lock. >> that was pretty easy, if you've got an expensive bike like that, maybe spend a few more bucks on the lock. >> that's kind of what police are saying. this guy just ends up taking the bike, jumps on it and rides off. >> didn't use tools, he kind of yanked it. >> i kind of put that on the bike owner, not that this is right. corgi makes snow tunnel. ♪
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♪ slow things down just a little bit, we've got some animal videos in slow-motion. we start with crocodiles. as you can see here there are some crocodiles that people are feeding. you got people with fishing poles and watch this crocodile jump out of the water to feed and look how high it gets. >> wow. look at it snake out there. he's doing a little dance move. >> he gets completely out of the water. >> yes. look at how the tail has so much power it allows him to jump out of water like that. look at it in slow-motion and look at this other one doing a slow-motion ballet dance with the other one, jumping after the
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food. pretty amazing stuff. also interesting the angle you see inside of this thing's mouth. >> look at that. that's cool. >> watch this. >> oh, boy. >> they call this the cage of death where you can get in the cage of death and be up close next to this thing. >> i don't know if that's necessary, but good shot. >> her face was right in between that crocodile's open jaws. >> that's as close as i want to get to one of those things. >> that's, like, captain hook close there. >> yep. we go from fierce to friendly. this little dog is kiwi. kiwi is in slow-motion. kiwi as you could see would not be a good goalie. and he's also not that good at fetch. watch what happens. >> blocking with the body there. she's no, no, no, she's not actually. >> i think she's 1 for 20. i think there's some potential there, but right now scouting report not good on kiwi. >> until -- oh, she finally did catch it. >> he grew up in tn in the circ
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is putting his skills on display. next, "right this minute." and still to come it's the world's shortest cooking show. >> when i mean short, it's only on instagram. >> how bart fishtails will have u hungry in no time. getsretty brilliant! wild because -- >> it's in the middle of a bullring. >> why these brave guy are gambling with more than their cash. and want a chance to win an ipad mini? then you'll want to get the thursday buzzword next.
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put a damper on a lot of things. constant itching and scratching. nenew w gogoldld b bonond relief cream, rerelilieveveses 5 5 s symympt. gogoldld b bonond d rereala. introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. this will leave you astonished and hungry and you're going to say why didn't somebody think of this sooner? i give you bart's fishtails, the world's shortest cooking show, and by short i mean it's only on instagram. >> 15 seconds? >> today we're going to make a
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homemade tuna spread. first make sure that your tuna is properly draped, put the tuna in a bowl and you have the mayonnaise, the capers, the shallots, the parsley, pepper and a bit of salt and that's how you make a tuna spread. >> that's one second. let me show you a few other ones because they'll make you salivating. >> what are we making today, bart? >> delicious in a big pan like this garlic, shallots and celery for a few minutes. add your mussels and a bit of wine when all mussels are opened you add parsley, great stuff, bart. >> wow, this is brilliant! this is great. >> this is genius because you watch it over and over again you watch he put about a quarter of the bottle of the wine in and a pinch of parsley and it allows you to be all creative. do you know what i also love about this, he tells you how to pick the right fish. >> make sure the eyes are bright and the gills are red and the skin is shinny. >> this man is bart van olson,
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he's got three cookbooks under his belt and the interesting thing is he's only been doing this since november, you guys, so to tell us about his instagram tv show we have bart from amsterdam. where did the idea come from to do such a short cooking show? it's only 15 seconds? >> when i ended up on my third book when i was selling more stories and recipes, i thought about the idea to film it as well. so, we just did one or two instagram movies and suddenly it became a bigger success and people liked it so we decided to continue. >> is there anything that limits you with that 15 seconds? >> you need to make the consumer, the viewer clear, that it's easy. it's more a thing of inspiration. if you really want to go from point to point, you should really read the recipe in the book. but this is more to give the impression that it's quite easy to make a nice fish dish and to my opinion you shouldn't use too many inguiredients to make it
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right, because when fish is fresh, it's very delicious even when you cook it very, very simply, so this is the message actually. now, there's gambling and then there's gambling with your life. this is called cowboy poker. four guys at a poker table in the middle of a bullring and, yes, there is a 2,000-pound bull just bucking around. the goal is to be the last man sitting at the table with your hands on the table. that guy wins the pot. i would say this is gameling with your life. >> yeah, that bull is charging right at you. that bull is not happy, it's at the matthews center in missouri. >> i guess you immediately go all in. i think you have to at this point. >> i think it's the only choice. >> yeah. >> this guy right here sitting backwards with a go pro on his head that's a radio deejay, that's rob edwards from better
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country kicks 107. he was brought into this as a part of a publicity stunt from the radio station. let me show you the loser in this cowboy poker. watch this fella here. here's what happens. >> whoa! >> oh, boy. >> comes right for him and knocks him right over. that means he's out. >> he at least had body armor on him. >> he got the one to the ribs, though. it was pretty solid. >> two guys left sitting at the table. they both won really if you will, they both were left with their hands on the table so they ended up splitting the pot. lete show you the proyou see t almost see the fear in their eyes. >> oh, boy. >> things went pretty well, because this is how the cowboy poker game could have went, this was at the same festival a couple years ago and you can see the guys are getting tossed around. >> that just seems like such a
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bad idea on so many levels. it's thursday ipad mini giveaway time. >> here's how it goes you got to be 18 years old and must be a u.s. resident and you have to have the thursday buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page, if you are using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> here we go, time to reveal the thursday buzzword, it is station. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button? >> and then enter the thursday buzzword, station s-t-a-t-i-o-n for your chance to win an ipad mini. if you don't win one today, we're giving away another one tomorrow. good luck. this competitive eater is raises the stakes at the chipotle burrito challenge. >> he's going to attempt to eat the four burritos in about three minutes. >> the youtube feast he's trying to show up by
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to make a thing go right ♪wo ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight.
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all the buzz olympic hockey,
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but a lot of the guys in the olympics got their start in places like this. this is lake tahoe, video from go pro, some good old fashioned pond hockey. you can see the frozen-over surface. all these dudes out there suiting up in their gear. go pros attached to their helmets. >> super fun. >> when you are out there on the pond you got to make your own goals and they kind of have makeshift goals. super interesting use of the go pro. >> incredible. >> it doesn't look herky-jerky, it somehow works. i love the shots it looks like they've got it on the helmet but not right on the helmet kind of off to the side. that shot is the coolest and here, too, where you can see the stickhandling that this dude is doing weaving down the ice. the russians maybe could have watched this video and gotten a few tips because they are out, but definitely an awesome display. >> goal! apparently eating the four
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chipotle burritos is becoming a thing, l.a. beast did it, but now matt stoney, we know him, he's a really good, competitive eater. >> yeah. >> now he is attempting the four chipotle burrito challenge but he is actually challenging the l.a. beast. >> my goal today to show the l.a. beast how a real man eats a burrito. >> fighting words. >> yeah. >> he'll attempt to eat the four burritos in about three minutes and he is just chomping down on that burrito. he doesn't even stop. >> and even that first one watching him guzzle that thing, ah, man. >> it's like i'm going to choke. i don't know how he gets all of this down his throat. >> i think he's going to make it. >> how do you do this? when does he chew? >> well, this isn't a normal person. >> the last little baby bun wrap. >> and he's really not rushing. you could tell he knows he's going to beat it. >> you got to finish this diet coke, too. >> all right.
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>> three, two. >> there he goes. he did it in just under three minutes. well, remember how matt challenged the l.a. beast? well, the l.a. beast found out about that challenge and it turns out he's going to do a brand-new challenge where he says he will go after matt's achilles' heel. >> this is good for all of us. going to make better videos of these guys try to outdo each other. ♪ that's going to do it for us here at "rtm." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you want great videos from the web, we've got them, "right this minute." anybody in there? >> police search for survivors in a wrecked car and suddenly spot someone trapped. >> that person cannot move. >> how an officer dodged flames and live power lines to drag a man to safety. move over, baby, this is the new star pig. >> he never knew any different. >> the story behind the hottest ham on two legs. hidden cameras finally crack the case of -- >> the disappearing


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